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Coming out of North Side England a young with talent with a lot to give goes by the name Keyz.TT. Keyz shows the highest levels of potential in his music weather you’re a first time listener or a long time fan his music will have you itching to hear what’s next from him. The versatility is a bliss to listen to as he showcases a number of different genres such as R&B Drill, real rap/Story telling and modern day hip hop. His consistency is undoubtedly 10/10 from his frequent Instagram freestyles to his top tier (TT) music videos. His new authentic sound and smooth flows are what solidifies his uniqueness. As most listeners would agree, his songs are often catchy, relatable and often send a motivational message. Keyz aims to leave a big statement in the music scene as he express his story in a natural but yet enjoyable way.


Sheffield hasn’t really had any rappers that have solidified themselves a big name in the UK rap scene, but who knows what’s yet too come? Over the years Keyz is definitely one to look out for and if you’re early to the stardom enjoy.