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Welcome to the Tramlines Residents page.


Since its move to Hillsborough Park in 2018, the festival has:

Fundraised £213,800 for charity  |  Hosted 68 work placements and internships with local students  |  Programmed 226 slots to Sheffield artists |  Donated over £560,000 worth of tickets to local residents most impacted by the event


We’d like to say a huge thank you to the local community of Hillsborough Park for their continued support of Tramlines and we are committed to working with local residents and the council to help better the festival and see how Tramlines can be more involved in local projects.


Resident Debrief Session - November 2023

Our 2023 Resident Debrief Session was held on Saturday 25th November between 10am-4pm at Hillsborough Arena, Middlewood Road, S6 4HA. We’d like to thank everyone who came down.


The session functioned as a walkthrough with the festival management team on hand to answer any queries. Please find a summary of the information presented below:



Hillsborough Park Improvements Update - 19th January

Since Hillsborough Park became the home of Tramlines in 2018, we have worked with Sheffield City Council on improvements to the park and our commitment to this important community space continues. We are pleased to report the latest completed and ongoing work below.




  • The new pathway, running from the centre of the park down past the Library, was completed in November. 
  • A new lighting network has been installed from the crossover point, along the new path and south to join up with Middlewood Road, helping keep the park well lit and safe at night. 
  • At the crossover point in the centre of the park, an existing blocked drain has been cleared and new drain network added, creating overflow capacity to help prevent flooding. 
  • At the south of the park, new land drains have been installed to improve a known boggy area along the pathway parallel to HASA’s playing fields.




  • Reinstalling benches and bins alongside the new pathway and the path that runs parallel to the pond.
  • Landscaping works along the new pathway will begin soon to repair the edges of grass.
  • Installation of a new drain connecting to the network above, where a spring has recently appeared in the playground by the ‘snake’s head’.
  • There are drainage issues at two points on the grass in front of the car park. Considerations are being made on how to fix the issue and a further update will be provided once confirmed. 
  • Due to poor weather, we have not yet aerated the newly cultivated ground in the main field. This will be completed as soon as conditions allow.
  • Continuing top up repairs on any areas of the grounds that need attention in the Spring.




Applications will close on 1st March 2024. Please see the map detailing the ticketing catchment area:



Categories Explained

As always, we recognise that residents within close proximity to the park may be directly impacted by the festival and in areas where we deem this a possibility, we provide free or discounted resident tickets.

Category 1: Up to 2 x Weekend Tickets and 2 x Children Tickets.

Category 2: Entered into the Resident Ticket Ballot for up to 2 x Free Adult Weekend Tickets and 2 x Free Children tickets.

Category 3: Entered into the Resident Ticket Ballot for up to 2 x Discounted Adult Weekend Tickets and 2 x Discounted Children tickets.

Category 3 discounted tickets will be priced at £89.50 + booking fee for a Weekend Ticket.

Each household can receive a Maximum of 2 Adult and 2 Children tickets (5-12 years or 4 & under).


You can SIGN UP to the Residents mailer to be notified of any news and updates.

The Application Process

Households that fall within the Category 1, 2 or 3 catchment area may apply for 2 adult tickets per household and up to 2 Children (5-12 years or 4 & under). We look at the following criteria when considering which catchment area a household resides in:

  • Your proximity to stages and noise.
  • If you are in an area that we have designated and publicised as a walking route or meeting point.

Once we have assessed whether your address is eligible we will be in touch to allocate your tickets, or for categories 2 & 3, we’ll let you know you’ve been entered into the ballot.

Once applications have closed and we’ve drawn the ballot, we will get in touch with applicants to let them know whether they’ve been successful or not. 


Please have copies of the following documents ready to upload to complete your application:

  • 2 x proofs of address dated within the last 3 months – e.g. utility bills, bank statement, council tax etc. Delivery invoices are not accepted.
  • 1 x proof of photo ID – e.g. driving licence, passport.



Terms and Conditions

  • These tickets are for personal use only.
  • Residents will need to present a valid photographic ID + valid E-Ticket on the day of the festival.
  • All E-Tickets cannot be re-sold on the secondary market. Anyone found to be re-selling their ticket will risk their ticket being cancelled and will be refused entry into the festival site.
  • Those applying within Category 2 & 3 will be entered into a ballot, tickets are not guaranteed.

If you are unsuccessful in the Category 2 ballot, you will have the opportunity to purchase discounted Weekend tickets or receive a pair of free Day tickets to the Day of your choice, subject to availability.

If you have any other questions please contact our team at [email protected]. You can also sign up to the Residents Mailing List by clicking the link below, to receive all updates and news. You will not receive marketing content.