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Dynamic Dance CIC

Dynamic Dance CIC, founded at the beginning of 2024 by Chekere Ullanda Williams, is a testament to her unwavering commitment to providing inclusive, confidence-building, and artistically expressive dance opportunities for young people in Sheffield’s local communities. With a background steeped in dance from her youth, Chekere’s journey began at “The Hub” youth club in Sharrow, where she discovered her passion for dance and honed her skills in styles such as street, jazz, contemporary, and dancehall. Fuelled by her own experiences and the belief that dance knows no bounds, Chekere embarked on a mission to break down financial and social barriers that hindered access to performing arts. Over 18 months of dedicated effort, she cultivated dance groups across Sheffield, culminating in the establishment of Dynamic Dance CIC. Chekere’s journey includes formal dance education, including A-level dance, IDTA examinations, and Dance Teacher Training, all of which have enriched her understanding of the art form and its transformative power. At the heart of Dynamic Dance CIC lies the ethos that “Dance is for everyone” regardless of background, ability, or age, driving Chekere and her team to empower individuals through the universal language of movement.