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Balby Local is an up-and-coming artist and entrepreneur from Doncaster. Balby has performed at Tramlines, Slambarz Summer Splash, Mother Fhungus, ArtBomb festival and Doncaster Lights Festival. His music varies across multiple subgenres of rap, and he moves into new genres as much as possible fostering further artistic growth and pushing for collaboration with other artists. Since changing his name to Balby Local, he has been even more consistent bringing new flows, more features and more hard-hitting bars with loads of new music lined up and ready. He also co-founded GSD with another local Doncaster artist, JUNiOR. Balby Local has a huge focus on collaboration through music, events and other projects that he has advocated for GSD to be a part of. Through Balby’s business, his music and with the help of GSD, he aims to bring a more vibrant music scene.

Find him anywhere by typing Balby Local in the search bar.