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Today is International Women’s Day, and there’s some pretty incredible female musical talent about.

In keeping with this day we’re shining the spotlight on the awesome talent that will be taking on Tramlines this year. We’d like you to join us in recognising the amazing talent by also filling your ears with their music… we’ve curated a playlist for them, by them, for you.

La Roux

She back! It’s been 6 years since La Roux/Elly Jackson has released an album, we’ve been eagerly awaiting her mesmerising synth pop here in the Tramlines office, and she did NOT disappoint with the new album Supervision. Her Grammy winning pop project began with bangers like ‘Going in for the Kill’ and ‘Bulletproof’ songs that will get everybody singing along. Reminiscent of 1980s pop, Elly’s new album still holds those instantly familiar slick sounds and fiery guitar riffs. La Roux will get you dancing no problem.

Sister Sledge

Possibly one of the hottest disco trios around. They need no introduction, but I’ll give you one anyway. Sister Sledge We Are Family still sounds zesty and vibrant, along with tracks Lost In Music and Thinking Of You, they hold their disco diva status they so rightly deserve. The Queens of disco are known to be endearingly modest, compliments from crowds always come flying in. With their liquid harmonies and trance inducing chords, be ready for some hip shaking on Sunday night.

The Orielles

This trio is made up of sisters Esmé Dee and Sidonie B Hand-Halford, who met guitarist Henry Carlyle Wade at a house party, clicked, and formed a band the following day. Their surf-chic sound is magnetic and addictive. Their new album, Disco Volador takes cosmic pop to a new level, with their sharp songwriting and indie pop melodies, be sure sure to check them out.

The Big Moon

London punk-pop female quartet The Big Moon formed in 2014, following front-woman Juliette Jackson’s decision that a career in waitressing wasn’t a life choice she was prepared to commit to. Since earning a Mercury nomination for their chipper, grungy 2017 debut album, their new album Walking Like We Do offers Synth pads and layered harmonies, it’s easy to love and channels 90s pop anthemics. They’re definitely not one to miss.

Lucy Spraggan

Of course I had to talk about Lucy Spraggan, an all around star who is witty, funny and smart. Her pop anthems are no less, Lucy masterfully combines unique relatable lyrics . ‘We Are’ is deep, personable and sometimes it’s what we all need to relate too.

Pale Waves

Pale waves was founded by Heather Baron-Gracie met drummer Ciara Doran while attending uni in Manchester. In early 2017 the band signed to UK independent label Dirty Hit & released their debut single ‘There’s A Honey’ winning them the NME Under The Radar award and haven’t stopped since. Their songs are instantly addictive and they are definitely one of the most exciting alternative bands about right now.

Lucia and the Best Boys 

This four piece are leading the scene making a real racket north of the border. A four piece Glaswegian band gleaning messages of hope and strength from straight to the point, catchy indie pop. Vocalist Lucia Fairfull combines punk, disco and pop music into one, expressing herself truly. They’re not one to miss.

Lauran Hibberd

Humorous, infectious and charismatic in equal measure, Isle Of Wight’s rising sensation Lauran Hibberd thrives once more with anthemic single bang Bang Bang, firmly solidifying her growing status within the UK’s indie scene. Her punchy, catchy tunes are easy listening and electrifying, an ode to the 90s teenager and soundtrack to every mistake we’ve ever made and can laugh at now.

Fickle Friends 

It’s seven years into the saga of euphoria-pursuing indie pop band Fickle Friends. Headed up by Natassja Shiner with her catchy hooks, the Brighton bunch produce addictive synth-pop, packed full of charming and relatable lyrics, they have just released their new album You Are Someone Else, fill your ears with some PROPER bangers. 

Abbie Ozard

Abbie’s lo-fi synth pop sound, provoking lyrical content and popular tonality is something you can’t miss out on this year. The new single Growing Pains has gone down a treat, and her snappy single Crocodile Tears also took 2020 by surprise. Abbie has a fresh take on the indie-rock scene, her attention grabbing music about femininity and the honest lyricism goes pretty deep. She’s an office fave at the moment.


Out of the quiet town of Matlock come Patawawa – an electronic trio, featuring Beth Garrett, Sam Wilmot and Rory Lovatt, that blends beats to pump blood, glittered guitar riffs and basslines that bite. The three-piece have crafted a sound that stays true to the neon roots of funk and disco, but dress it with a cheekyness that could only have come out of Derbyshire.


Give the official IWD Tramlines 2020 playlist a listen below


Lots of Love,

Tramlines HQ x