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Today we are celebrating the life of Sarah Nulty, Tramlines’ Festival Director. It’s been three years since she passed away but still a constant source of inspiration to the Tramlines team, the wider music industry and pretty much everyone that knew her.

To honour Sarah on this day we’d like to shine a light on Tramlines’ Official Charity Partner, The Sarah Nulty Power of Music Foundation, who have recently been working on some amazing projects to positively impact people’s lives in Sheffield, just as Sarah did.

The Sarah Nulty Power of Music Foundation

Sarah was totally passionate about music. Promoting events, running venues and becoming the driving force behind Tramlines is her legacy. The Power of Music Foundation exists to continue to build on Sarah’s passion, transforming people’s lives through the power of music, bringing happiness and spreading joy across the city.

The Power of Music Foundation has supported four projects so far since their inception in 2020, the most recent being their grant to Mossbrook Primary School who received a grant to purchase a new keyboard. The school, in Norton, provides specialist education for 134 children aged between 4 and 11 years old. Much time is devoted to ensuring that barriers to learning are reduced for pupils as far as possible, focusing on sensory processing activities…

“Music is an integral part of our children’s experience and learning. Many children recall language from songs, and we use music to support transition throughout school, for example, lunchtime songs, singing the timetable/register and home time songs. This allows the children to understand what is happening now and next as the songs used are repeated throughout the week.” – Mossbrook School Team

Music has a life-changing impact on the pupils of Mossbrook School and so many other children across Sheffield. Sarah’s passion for music brought people together, created opportunities and ultimately, made people happy, just as the foundation sets out to do. 

Sheffield Care Storytelling

The Power of Music Foundation have also been supporting Sheffield Care with acousmatic storytelling, combining the memories of a group of older women from Sheffield with music and sounds.

The women chose to speak about Sheffield’s outside spaces and nature; the sessions were multi-sensory with images, sounds and poetry to stimulate conversations and shared thoughts, opinions and memories were recorded. Electroacoustic composer Julia Schauerman said: “It was wonderful to listen to the voices of these older women of Sheffield; the sharing and comparing of their experiences. They talk with wonder, stoicism and good humour, it is both engaging and moving”

You can listen to a snippet of the storytelling HERE, we promise you’ll love it. 

Merch merch merch!

To directly support the foundation and their work you can grab a piece of their Merch! Tom J Newell recently gave the Be More Nulty heart a revamp and we’re loving the new colours. These are available to order on their website now, just hit the button below 👇


#BeMoreNulty Playlist 

To honour Sarah’s love of festivals and music, we created The Be More Nulty playlist in 2020, it features favourite artists from the history of Tramlines, tracks from acts she would have loved to book and artists she enjoyed at other festivals.

Please join us today in reading more about the Power of Music Foundation, pre-order some new garms, listen to Sarah’s favourite music and raise a glass to a very special woman #BeMoreNulty