Want that VIP lifestyle?

Fancy enjoying Tramlines in a more luxurious way this year? Why wouldn’t you…choose either the VIP Weekend Ticket OR VIP Upgrade your existing ticket and enjoy Tramlines in style. 

Queue Jump 

VIP has its own entrance so you can skip the general queues and get into the festival quicker! Please note only customers with VIP tickets will be allowed access to the VIP Area.

Posh Loos

Access to posh toilets – need we say more, the Holy Grail of the festival experience!

VIP Bar(s)

Plus more bars so you can get served quicker which means more time to enjoy the more important stuff!

VIP Seating Area

A place for you to escape the crowds, sit down (either in the sheltered seating area or you can relax under the sun!) and relax lakeside.

Get all of the above for only £50 extra per ticket across the entire weekend!

A limited amount of VIP upgrade tickets are available below.

*Please note only customers with VIP tickets will be granted access to the VIP Area. Also, 12 & Under’s must have purchased a VIP upgrade ticket to gain entry to the VIP Area. Don’t worry if you’ve already purchased your Weekend Ticket because you can upgrade to VIP here.