Tramlines Makes Dreams Come True! ❤️

Stereophonics mega fan Corrine Bishop’s wishes literally came true at Tramlines TEN. Read about the moment she got to meet her favourite band of all time…

“When I entered the Facebook competition I didn’t for one second think that I might actually win, I just ranted on about how much I loved them (greatest band ever) thinking it’s worth a shot. When I got home from work one day I saw the message ‘Tramlines have tagged you in a post’. I quickly opened it and woah! I ran into the house screaming – my mum thought something awful had happened!

So when the day finally arrived (I hadn’t slept much in-between) we headed to the box office and the lady gave us our wristbands and VIP wristbands as well, which we didn’t expect! So we headed straight to VIP for a posh loo and our own bar! (Loved the VIP area!). We then hung around until 6.30pm waiting to meet Tramlines Marketing Manager Abby who had organised the meet and greet. Until then I couldn’t really relax! We met up and waited backstage for a while watching Milburn – that was awesome! We then got the OK to go and meet the boys – I can honestly say I’ve never been so nervous in my life! What do you say to the people you’ve basically worshipped forever…

Stereophonics were so welcoming and lovely, which to be fair I knew they would be. We got to have a good chat, take plenty of photos and I got them all to sign my Stereophonics themed tattoo which now I absolutely love! I can honestly say I will remember that day for the rest of my life. Saturday was almost as good, I’m a massive Noel Gallagher fan and he never disappoints! Sunday was more of a chill out day. We explored a bit more had a look at all the other stages and tried out the food stalls. All in all Tramlines was an amazing weekend for me and I don’t think it will ever be topped! Thank you Tramlines – See you next year!!” 

Tramlines make dreams come true! 2019 tickets available now.

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