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Self-Isolation Station Ft The Sherlocks

The Sherlocks have taken over…

This week, as part of our Self-Isolation Playlist series, we’ve let the Sherlocks take the reins on Tramlines Spotify. We asked them what we should all be listening to, now that we’ve all got a bit of time on our hands… and boy they did gooooooooooood.

Highlights include, Lou Reed – The Perfect Day, The Strokes – Take It Or Leave It, The Verve – The Rolling People.

As well as curating a banging playlist, they answered a few questions about music everyone should be filling their ears with.

Tramlines HQ: What are guys listening to at the moment now you’re all spending a bit more time inside?

Kiaran & Brandon : A lot of different music now that we’re in this current situation of being isolated! We’ve been delving into The Beatles catalogue at the moment.

Tramlines HQ: Why have you chosen the songs you have?

Kiaran & Brandon : We’ve chosen a mixture of what we listen to in the dressing room on tour and we’ve just come off a huge UK Tour so they’re fresh on our mind. Bangers, all of them.

Tramlines HQ: One album everyone should listen to right now, and of course, why?

Kiaran & Brandon : Our new album ‘Under Your Sky’ we put our heart and soul into it and it’s a great album start to finish.

Hit the link below for the playlist, wash those hands and enjoy!


Tramlines HQ X

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