Tramlines Resident’s Info

Tramlines will be back at Hillsborough Park for the second time this year with artists performing on Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July. 

Like last year, Tramlines will be implementing a dedicated community liaison team. This will enable the event to be as safe and successful as possible while limiting negative impact on the local residents and wider community.  

Residents Tickets closed on 3rd May and all tickets have now been issued for 2019’s Festival. 

Community Liaison Contact Info

0114 483 0873 

We will be operating a landline, this will be operational Thursday 13:00 – 22:00 and Friday to Sunday from 09:00 to 23:00. Outside of these times please feel free to use the below email address.

[email protected]


If you have any questions or issues please do not hesitate to get in contact we will then look to resolve things as quickly as possible. All calls are welcome, please do not delay in getting in touch.

Build and Break Plans



Wednesday 10th July: Tramlines site build commences (Phase 1). 

Large portions of the north section of Hillsborough Park will not be accessible from this point, including the car park accessible from Parkside Road.

Monday 15th July: Tramlines site build heads to the south of Hillsborough Park (Phase 2).

Most of Hillsborough Park is now inaccessible till after the event. 

Following feedback from local residents, we have now made every effort to keep the pathway linking Broughton Road to Middlewood Road open as long as possible. However this will be closed from Thursday 18th to Tuesday 23rd July.

 Please note: The Library, Bowling Green and Playground will remain open throughout the whole build and break period. While the tennis courts will be closed from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July.  

Post Event

Saturday 27th July

All of Hillsborough Park should now be accessible to the public (weather dependent).

Noise Management:

We are required to make sure that noise from Tramlines is controlled to the limits agreed with the local authority. A team of noise consultants monitor levels at multiple points surrounding the park. If you have concerns about the noise levels directly generated during the period of the event, you can reach out to any of the Community Liaison contact info listed previously.

Please find an overview of amplified sound below: 

Thursday 18th July

Friday 19th July

Saturday 20th July

Sunday 21st July

Propagation Test*

17:00 – 20:00

Sound Check

10:00 – 12:00

Sound Check

10:00 – 12:00

Sound Check

10:00 – 12:00


Live Event

15:00 – 22:30

Live Event

12:00 – 22:30

Live Event

12:00 – 21:30


*Propagation Test – Thursday 19th July 17:00 – 20:00

This will enable the festival to measure the noise that’s leaving the site from the main stages PA systems to check how sound is behaving on and off-site.

This will ensure we work within legal limits and minimise off-site noise for the weekend.

To alleviate the possibility of festival goers using streets that surround Hillsborough Park for parking, dropping off, picking up and generally causing congestion; Tramlines have organised for roads that would likely be negatively affected to be closed to all festival going traffic. Usual access will remain open to residents, business employees/owners and patrons of said businesses. The scheme will be operational during the following times;



Day/ Date Festival Opening Times Scheme Operational Times
Friday 19th July 15:00-22:30 12:30-00:30
Saturday 20th July 12:00-22:30 11:30-00:30
Sunday 21st July 12:00-21:30 11:30-00:00


The affected roads (shown below) will be officially closed under a temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO).
This gives CTM staff members the power to legally refuse access to any of the named roads to any vehicles
wishing to gain access.

The numbered closures will be manned by CTM staff throughout the schemes’ operational times. Those marked as hard closures will be blocked by traffic management equipment so please avoid using these junctions to leave or access your street. Using a manned closure for entry/exit will mean a CTM staff member can easily allow you through the traffic management equipment. As a resident, resident’s visitor, business owner/employee or patron of one of the affected streets you will be allowed access throughout the entirety of the scheme’s operation unless it is not possible for safety reasons (see “Hard Closures for Pedestrian Safety” below). To gain access you will need to provide proof of required access.

2019 Increased Signage

EST UK are offering parking for festival traffic this year and will be deploying signage on the road to direct this traffic to said car parks. This will assist in keeping traffic from parking within residential areas.

Advisory “Residents Access Only” signs have been added to the schedule to discourage festival traffic from
heading into residential areas not covered under the residents’ parking scheme.

Proof of Required Access

  • As a resident this could be any form of proof of address such as an ID or recent bill
  • As a patron this could be an explained reason and specific address/location of business
  • As a business owner or employee this could be a staff ID card, uniform or other identifiable factor

Please note that this scheme is in place to positively impact your day to day life during the festival and CTM staff, who are extremely experienced festival workers, will make a well informed and considered judgement on whether to allow access.

That being said, please work with us and bring proof of required access so we can quickly authenticate your
requirement and allow you through without holding you up in any way whatsoever.

Resident’s Visitors

If you have visitors planning to visit by means of vehicle during the operational times of the scheme please send details of these visitors to [email protected].

You need to include the following details;

You have up until Wednesday 17th July to do so. This will allow us time to correlate and distribute these details to all manned closures allowing your visitor’s easy access through the closures.

After this deadline, if you have visitors wishing to park by your house you will need to meet them at the
closure they are using to gain access and provide your own proof of address which will allow the CTM staff
member to allow them through under your escort.

Hard Closures for Pedestrian Safety

For approximately 15 mins before mass egress of pedestrians from the site begins each night; Middlewood Rd
(which is also covered under the TTRO) will be closed to ALL TRAFFIC other than trams for pedestrian safety. This means access to Middlewood Rd for anyone, including residents, will be ceased during this time for approx. 45 minutes.

Please note; in emergency situations, or if it is required, any or all of the roads contained within the TTRO can be closed at any time if it is deemed essential for the safety of attendees, residents or any other persons.

Antisocial Behaviour Management

We have been working closely with South Yorkshire Police and the local licensing authorities to ensure that we have suitable support during the event to ensure the festival has a limited impact on the surrounding community. South Yorkshire Police will have an event specific deployment over the weekend. They will be working with Showsec, our security provider, to help manage the local environment as attendees arrive and leave Tramlines. Please feel free to approach any of these staff with any concerns and they will be happy to help. Alternatively, please feel free to use any of the above contact info and our community liaison officer will log each issue and work toward a quick and effective resolution.

External Infrastructure

A number of toilets outside have been deployed outside of Tramlines’ perimeter to cater for the number of customers coming to the event.

There will also be a dedicated litter picking team to sweep any litter from the surrounding area during the day and every evening.