Residents Tickets

Residents Tickets


Tramlines Festival is committed to working with the local residents. More information on our community engagement team will be released soon.

We recognise that residents in close proximity to the park may be directly impacted by the festival. In areas where we deem this a possibility we provide free resident tickets. Households which fall within this location (Category 1) may apply for 2 adult tickets per
household and up to 2 under 12 tickets. We judge this on the following criteria – your proximity to stages on the park and noise, or
if you are in an area that we have designated and publicised as a walking route or meeting point.

Once we have assessed whether your address is eligible we will then allocate your ticket approximately two weeks before the show.

A second set of tickets are made available for local residents who live close to the park (Category 2) . Applications in Category 2 will be entered into a ballot and successful households will be notified by 3rd May 2019.

Each household can receive a maximum of 2 adults and 2 under 12’s.

To apply for Resident tickets please click the button below.

Applications will close 26th April 2019.

*Please note these tickets are for personal use only by the specified resident who has applied and lives within the eligible area. Residents will need to present a valid photographic ID + valid E-Ticket on the day of the festival. All E-Tickets cannot be re-sold on the secondary market. Anyone found to be re-selling their ticket will risk their ticket being cancelled and will be refused entry into the festival site.