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Maxïmo Park

Maxïmo Park have been on an evolutionary journey since the release of their debut album ‘A Certain Trigger (2005), a multi-platinum selling, Mercury-nominated breakthrough in every sense. Singer and lyricist Paul Smith pinned his socio-political colours to the mast, and this colourful activism continued as a narrative thread throughout the Newcastle band’s subsequent albums, reaching a climax on 2017’s Risk To Exist – a record born of the tumultuous events of 2016.

For Maxïmo Park it’s always been about being “conscious of your own voice, empowering, sharing, and communicating with people” and this shifted to “empathy, engagement, anger, ambition, anti-cliché, maturity, reflection & big ideas” on their 7th album, Nature Always Wins which reached #2 in the UK charts and garnered serious critical acclaim.

As a pop band, Maxïmo Park aim to produce songs that are hooky, melodic, and memorable, and are constantly influenced by a plethora of diverse genres. The overarching goal for them is to achieve genuine connection with their listeners which they accomplish time and time again. The band tour year-on-year to thousands of adoring fans across the globe and continue to release groundbreaking emotional music.