What to Bring

  • Ticket¬† –We ask that you print your e-ticket off and have it ready to be scanned to reduce queue lengths.
  • Photo ID –¬†You must have photo ID with you to enter the festival. This must be you. Photocopies will be accepted for entry but not for serving alcoholic drinks at bars.
  • Phone – For finding friends and taking snaps
  • Cash / Card – there are limited ATMs on site but most bars are contactless however it is good to have cash just in case.
  • Suncream – Keep yourself protected. No bottles over 100ml. No glass.
  • Portable Charger – Stay charged, we are yet to confirm a charging partner for 2020.
  • Sunglasses – Don’t get that glare.
  • Water bottle – Be sure to stay hydrated at all times! There are water taps across the whole site.