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Everly Pregnant Brothers Playlist Takeover


This weekend, as part of our Tramlines Celebrations, we’ve let Sheffield’s finest The Everly Pregnant Brothers take the reins on Tramlines Spotify. We asked them what they’re all time favourite tracks are and who they’re listening to at the moment

Highlights include, Candi Staton– You Got The Love, Blur – Tender and, Laura Marling – Song For Our Daughter.

As well as curating a banging playlist, they gave the lowdown on what they’re listening to at the moment and what albums they think we should all check out.

“These songs have all been ruined for people’s pleasure by us and are my personal favourites to play.
I’ve currently got Laura Marling’s song for our daughter and Nadine Shah’s kitchen sink on rotation in my studio. Laura’s album feels like you are listening to a classic Joni Mitchell album at the time of its conception and I love Nadine’s witty and cutting lyrics” Says Pete Mckee.

“One album to recommend.. if it’s one of ours, then either Biffins Bridge or Exile on West Street. But on a personal level I’d choose either Martin Stephenson and the Daintees – Salutation Road 30 as I’ve done the art work for it and it’s brilliant. or The Go-Betweens – Liberty Bell and the Black Diamond Express as it’s the greatest ever guitar pop album ever created.

We can assure you, it’s definitely worth a listen.

Hit the link below for the playlist.