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Who are Estrons' dream festival headliners?

As Cardiff-based post-punk band Estrons return to Sheffield to tear up Devonshire Green, we find out who their dream festival headliners would be and why the city is like a second home to them.

  • Estrons is Welsh for 'misfit', right? Why is this the name of your band?

We never really felt like we fit into any specific genre, culture or music scene in Wales, all having mixed heritage and backgrounds, so we decided to create something that was proud of never quite fitting in, hence birth of Estrons

  • Describe your music in a sentence.

Riff-heavy, melodic post-punk with balls

  • When can we expect the next studio release?

Right now. Seriously.

  • Is your energetic material as ferocious in the live arena as it is on record?

I'm definitely guilty of overdoing it on stage, we all are. We've been told to dial it back a couple of times...

  • What's the craziest thing that's ever happened to you at a gig?

I had to stop a guy throwing himself off stage and breaking a bone. He'd timed it incredibly badly and the song was literally about to end as he went for it. Luckily, he was saved. The next night we had to stop a show half way through because the crowd broke the barrier and blew our amps. We carried on afterwards with half our gear. It was a good week.

  • How is it different for you to perform at a festival as opposed to a standard tour?

People are often drunk or eating at festivals. You have to get their attention, but we've managed it in the past so I'm anticipating we'll do the same at Tramlines.

  • What's your number one festival tip?

Bring toilet paper and carry it in a backpack wherever you go. Don't lose your friends and befriend the group of people offering you their beer by their tent instead. They aren't funner than being alone and that probably isn't beer.

  • Who are your dream trio of festival headliners?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Roots and The Pixies

  • Have you had any fond memories made in Sheffield?

We have literally made all our friends in The Harley since playing Outlines last year. People we are still close with now. Sheffield is a second home to us.

Words: Jordan Foster

01 May 2017

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