Fri 21 - Sun 23 July

'Keep it Lit!' - with The Age of L.U.N.A.

We had chat with Waf & Daniella from The Age Of Luna about what we can expect from their gig at our Main Stage on Saturday & what it means to them playing Glastonbury for the second time in their musical careers’.

Since the release of your first single “Indigo” back in 2015, how far do you think you’ve come as group?


Everything has been amazing and I count myself very lucky for the progress of LUNA. It has been a beautiful journey and I have definitely learnt so much about myself and others through the experiences and opportunities that have come our way. In this way growing as a person has also influenced the relations within the group.


We've come far in terms of reaching people, still having fun, still want to take it global.

Do you recall a definitive moment that made you decide to make music?


Yes, when I met the boys and felt their inspiration and emotions through the way they made their music. This was beginning for me and I joined their journey.


In year 8 I made my mind up that I'm making music for a living. No one could budge that decision, I don't play with this. Ask my fellows.

If you had any advice for people wanting to start a group or a solo career in music what would it be?


Confidence in being who you are naturally and not conforming to be someone or something that is not true to the heart.


Know what you want, and make sure you forever have control over that. There's no rules, find your team plan with them and keep it close. Work word, don't look back unless you want to improve on next time. Never feel obliged to commit to anything just because you make music, remember how you started and gratitude but don't always compromise or ever feel under pressure. Keep it lit!

You’ve been confirmed to be playing Glastonbury again this summer, how much of an accomplishment is this for you?


Twice around feels amazing, you know you are wanted and people want to see you. So it's fabulous. Hopefully again as Glastonbury is one of the biggest festivals ever and we really love the chance to visit AND to be a part of building the atmosphere.


Glasto is Glasto man. That's like a semi pro baller going from Sunday leagues to championship at pro level (if that's what it's called these days) it's like woah, shits real, the crowds are huge now; let get it, let's keep going! It's a milestone, I'm proud of us man. It's more of an accomplishment when you've never even experienced it before lol so last year was sick.

What can people expect from your performance on our main stage?


You'll have to see.


Energy.. Defo!

Being a youthful group yourselves how important do you think it is for young people to get involved in the music industry?


If your passion is within music, then join us here.. on the moon.


I don't think it's important for the youth to get involved in the music industry because we come from that era of self made, and the youth are getting smarter as years go on cause they're deeping shit early on. Just don't rush and don't force it, what will happen will happen. If it's what you want you will get it, your goals don't run away from you. Study what you're after!

The Age of L.U.N.A play on The Main Stage on Saturday at 3pm.

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Words: Hannah Bellamy

18 June 2017

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