Fri 21 - Sun 23 July

Get to know Mista Silva

Ahead of his Friday night performance on the brand-new PRS Momentum stage, we catch up with emerging artist Mista Silva to talk big plans, his Ghanaian heritage and working with Vice.

  • Hi Mista Silva, how has your year been so far?

What's good guys. Yeah, my year has been great so far; I released my visual to my latest single "MURDA" via Noisey which was really wicked and performed at their launch event for the 'VICELAND | Noisey Lagos' documentary screening. As well as that, I've been creating and preparing my next releases for 2017.

  • You’re playing the PRS Momentum Tent at this year’s Tramlines - how important do you feel PRS’ funding is for emerging artists such as yourself?

I believe that it's an important and great thing that PRS funding is available. Being an independent artist can be costly, and PRS helps by giving artists the ability to invest into their projects, which then potentially gives the artist more reach to gain a bigger listenership or fanbase.

  • How has the PRS funding helped your own career so far?

I think so far they have done a good job introducing me and my team to some key industry platforms and organisations like Spotify & PPL.

  • Your music carries some strong influences from your Ghanaian roots - do you feel Africa is well-represented in UK music at the moment?

I feel that Africa isn't well represented in the UK, but there have been great strides towards making this representation come to the surface with African acts holding live shows at good venues up and down the United Kingdom, and some acts making a mark on the charts. I definitely see progress but more can be done.

  • How important do you feel it is for you to reflect your Ghanaian heritage in your music?

I think it is very important to reflect and project my culture and heritage, as this is what has shaped me as a person. As well as that, I feel my heritage has a lot to offer to the world in regards to style, rhythm, topics of music and life in general

  • How did last year’s link-up with Gaika on ‘PMVD’ come about?

I met Gaika via a friend called Murkage Dave and from that we naturally clicked through vibes. We decided we had to get in the studio and create that magic.

  • What plans do you have for the remainder of 2017?

I plan to drop a few more records off my album to help push it; I'm really excited for that as I got some really big tunes to drop. I'd say look out for 'Handle It' and 'King For Mi City'.

Words: Jack Scourfield

21 April 2017

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