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Alvarez Kings to play 'epic homecoming' gig at Tramlines 2017

We had the chance to have a quick chat with Alvarez Kings, about their new album, their latest tour and of course Tramlines. Be sure not to me miss their performance this year at the Devonshire Green stage.

Your debut album “Somewhere Between” recently came out. Can you tell us a few words about the album and the writing process of it?

The album is a culmination of years of hard work and gaining experience enough to hone our craft into what you hear on the album.

The label holed us up in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere for a week which is where most of the ideas would come to form the early stages of the songs.

After that we were lucky enough to record the album in LA in one of the best studios in the world. I definitely think you can hear that LA sunshine vibe stamped across the album.

You have been touring for quite some time now. I’m sure you’ve got a lot of tour stories to tell us. What is the craziest of funniest thing that has happened while touring?

Seriously, we could write a book about some of those stories. It's not uncommon knowledge we all like a drink or two in this band and because of that we have got into some - shall we say - precarious situations.

One of the stories not as well known was the time we were all partying on the tour bus on our day off in LA and Richard (the drummer) decided it was a good idea to drunkenly challenge a member of another band to scale a 40ft palm tree.

He made it up alright but coming back down he missed his footing and slid down as though it was a firemans pole from high up and broke his ankle.

He never went to the hospital but still managed to make it through the tour even though it was his kick drum foot.

How do you feel coming back to your roots and playing Tramlines after touring Europe and the US?

Well we get back, I believe, two days before Tramlines from the American tour so it will be an epic homecoming to finally play on one of the main stages.

All our friends and family will be there on the Green so I guess you could say it'll be a celebration of sorts

Why do you think people should attend Tramlines this year?

I think this year is the strongest lineup there has been since its conception. There is literally something for everyone covering a variety of genres and that's the beauty of this festival. Too many festivals play it safe by sticking to a particular scope of genre, where as for us personally we listen to pretty much everything, which is why we will be out ourselves soaking up the diversity.

Do you have any great memories from past year Tramlines?

There was a particularly crazy show we did at an intimate venue that literally set the roof on fire. People had lighters out in a poignant moment of a song and set all the drapes on fire. There was stage diving, equipment falling everywhere and bust lips from where microphones were being smashed into our faces. Loved every minute of it.

Which acts are you looking forward to watch perform live this year at Tramlines?

We can't wait for Kano's performance for starters. Also Metronomy have always featured in our playlists over the years.

We are also really looking forward to what the local scene has been doing as it has been a while since we've had the opportunity to go to local gigs.

Matic Mouth, Liberty Ship, The SSS, Mike Hughes, Paul Littlewood et al, we can't wait to hear them live.

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Words: Iro Vairami

06 June 2017

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