Fri 21 - Sun 23 July

The Folk Forest. Sunday — 17:00

Goat Girl

Goat Girl’s raw brand of classic garage pop subversion has proved irresistible to those in the know so far.

Named in reference to the questionable Bill Hicks comedy sketch Goat Boy, the band are fresh out of their respective London colleges and a million miles away from everything else new you’ll hear right now.

All four members of Goat Girl are under 20, but their relative youth isn’t what makes them stand out. Rather, they feel so compelling because of they way they expertly pick through the holes of so-called millennial culture, not to mention the way the media and government are messing with the minds and future plans of an entire generation. They’re truth-tellers, and this is surely the reason why so many people have been leaving Goat Girl gigs open-mouthed recently.

As rare as they are refreshing, the band’s plan from here is simple: get ‘Country Sleaze’ and ‘Scum’ out into the world ASAP, hit the road, and record a debut album that has, as band member Naima puts it, “spirit, strength and simplicity” at its heart.

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